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Tiny Home kits on sale on Amazon? Ah! Obsessed!

I won’t lie… I can’t… I’ve been telling people for three years now, and I’ll keep telling them…

I have a problem. It’s a real problem.

I’m obsessed with, cannot get enough of, spend way too much time watching videos about as well as looking for pictures of…


What people are doing with 400 Square Feet? It’s miraculous! Those of us buying smaller condos in cities can LEARN from the Tiny Home movement about how to turn our tiny condos into big living for sure… but back to tiny homes…

What’s new in the Tiny Home movement?… you guys?


Amazon is selling TINY HOME KITS? WHAT?


So, I wonder if Chicago is going to embrace the Tiny Home movement?  There are some smaller Tiny Home communities in the burbs, but not in the city limits as of yet.  They would still have to abide by all the city building codes, so is it worth it?  Could you buy a teardown and rebuild 3 tiny homes in its single family stead? Does it then have to be zoned like a multiunit? Is this the solution to Chicago losing its 2 flats to single family home conversions? Perhaps! So, purchase the teardown for the land with a few friends and build tiny homes? Could that be a thing?


Or you could just look at the pictures… and imagine tiny home living, like I do.






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